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NylonLinda, CrossDresser, 69, Liberty, Missouri
janeborden66, CrossDresser, 65, Worthing, West Sussex

CrossDresser's Feelings

Would love to meet someone to crossdress with. I do feel lonely sometimes, when I have no one to talk to about dressing. I adore dressing, but cannot really pass. Would like to try a party and meet others who feel the sa… »
substacilynn, CrossDresser, 41, Grande Prairie, Alberta

Closet Crossdresser

Hello everyone. This is my first blog so please excuse all of the spelling and grammar mistakes. My name is Stacilynn IM a heterosexual closet cross dresser with bi curious tendancies. I am not attracted to men, but cann… »
gazbi66, CrossDresser, 47, Swansea, West Glamorgan

My first crossdressing blog

hi I'm 46 he bi male who went from fancying girly sissy crossdressers to starting to like putting putting on girly underwear and female clothes and getting quite submissive,I'm easy going and like a b… »
Jsparks69, CrossDresser, 26, San Antonio, Texas

Where I love to CrossDress Shop and you can too!

Some girls might be having a hard time shopping for clothes, especially if you are starting out and feeling embarrassed wondering the ladies section at the store. Well, no worries! This is a list of places where I shop o… »
April_p, Transgender, 50, Central Qld, Queensland

I ❤️ wedding dresses

Well I just can't help myself, my first dress was my sisters, I was still living at home,and my mother had it in her closet. I just couldn't wait to try it on and crossdress. Then one weekend my parents went aw… »
JulieAllison, CrossDresser, 36, Reading, Pennsylvania

Fresh Start Cross Dressing

Hello, Julie Allison here again. I have been cross dressing off and on for a while now. Starting way back when I was 13 and tried on some of my sisters things. Over the years I have stopped and started a few times, going… »
My First Experience Crossdressing

My First Experience Crossdressing

As a young girl , I remember climbing out of the window of the house we lived in. I wore a bras and panties under a silk top and soft little skirt. It was always late at night, and it did not matter if it was hot and win… »
Opie, Transgender, 47, Washington, District of Columbia

Finding me (crossdressing).

I remember being 9 years old and seeing my older sister coming home from the mall with new clothes. I would think, yes!!! Now I can't wait til she goes back out so I could try them on!!! And eventually she would, an… »

CrossDressing events

Glitzy Girlz

27-05-2017 Glitzy Girlz

Next Glitzy Girlz on May 26th 2017GlitzyGirlz is an evening of 'T-girl' celebration hosted at the Queenshilling Bristol UK, Inviting everyone, CD/TV/TS, admirers, partners, boyfriends, girlfriends, family & friends. So why not come along to the best ‘T-girl’ event in Bristol and the South West. For an evening of music, dance, drink, gossip, laughs and socialising with other ‘like-minded’ folks come along to ‘GlitzyGirlz’.Held on the 4th Friday of the monthWe meet at OMG… »

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CrossDressing Shop

Ladies and Gentlemen! We are pleased to have found a very reputable shop that caters for crossdressers. Why not take at look at the range of naughty underwear from Naught n Nice (opens in a new window)..Click Here »

CrossDressing Blogs.

Please feel free to use and post your blogs on CCD Blogs but note that Blogs only go live once approved by a moderator. Blogs must not contain any inappropriate posts and must not be treated as a posting board for one li… »

​Meet Local CrossDressers, Transvestites and Tgirls.

Crossdressers, Transvestites, Transgender and of course their admirers are received with a warm and friendly welcome here at this CrossDressing club. So if you enjoy the pleasure, glamour and sheer excitement that CrossD… »

Everything CrossDressing

Club CrossDressing is not just a CrossDresser, Admirer, Transvestite and Transgender community. It is a total CrossDressing resource for the new and experienced CrossDresser, Transvestite and Transgender, providing an in… »

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Inside Club CrossDressingWe have members from the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Canada and everywhere around the world. CrossDressers and Transvestites can make new friends, find dates and share crossdressing… »