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Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
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over 6'5" 
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Make Up, Nail Care, CrossDressing Fashion, CrossDressing Scene, Hair care, Stockings and Suspenders, Stockings and High Heels, Mini Skirts, Tights / Panyhose, Stockings 
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I am 50, I love being with a man in a state of passion, sharing life as a couple, developing life in mutual communion, without natural problems of a homosexual relationship. A man capable of understanding me with my deficiencies and my caresses. From liking being a woman, walking like a woman at your side with a lot of intimacy.
I'm very tired.
The melody of our lives is best sung from the mountains, where you can dance along the trees and down into the valley for all to hear. However, dear readers, I believe many of you whisper your songs on the streets and corridors of life. You are afraid of who you can become, very afraid of what others will say.
I realized that initially Hope was all about the clothes and the process. But recently, as I have been exploring what my femininity means to me, it has become the magical wardrobe on the other side of me, the timeless world beside my world that has been there all along. The post A place to feel my femininity.
Almost all crossdressers, who are also Christians, know in their hearts that God made them the way they are. However, when actions are contrary to beliefs, there is an internal conflict that manifests as guilt or shame. So a crossdresser who was told that God is against crossdressing because it says this in the Bible gets confusing. Those who say this, do not realize that the Bible and especially Jesus Christ, in fact, say nothing about crossdressing, except in a passage from Scripture in Deuteronomy 22.

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I am uncommitted a heart now stands alone and beats the search for outgro heart. I am sure that homosexual love is a gift from the brothers formed in the womb to be more than different. They are somehow special. To relate to someone dearly loved a man who dedicates himself to the other man.

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