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I am:
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom
Body type:
Few Extra 
5'9" - 6'0" 
Dont smoke 
Drink socially 
Marital status:
CrossDressing Scene, Stockings and Suspenders, Stockings and High Heels, Mini Skirts, Sexy Tops, Tights / Panyhose, Stockings 
About me:

If I'm online, I can probably be found in the chat room - so feel free to drop in and say Hi. Since I swing both ways, I might be found in the naughty room (or be interested in going in there)! ;)

At the moment I don't really know in detail what I'm interested in, or where my crossdressing journey will take me.

My wife is aware of my dressing, and has no issues with it, however we have some rules which I'll always abide by since they give me more freedom than most people get.

== Results ==
76% Non-monogamist
63% Submissive
62% Vanilla
57% Ageplayer
50% Girl/Boy
45% Switch
41% Experimentalist
30% Brat
30% Daddy/Mommy
29% Exhibitionist
27% Dominant
27% Voyeur
21% Rope bunny
18% Brat tamer
17% Owner
16% Master/Mistress
16% Pet
16% Rigger
13% Primal (Prey)
13% Slave
10% Degrader
10% Degradee
10% Primal (Hunter)
8% Masochist
7% Sadist

BUT NOTE: Submissive does not mean "likes to be humiliated."

About my match:

I'm not available for meets, either home or away, for the foreseeable future. Should this change then certain people will be notified and I might update this. :)

I don't do cam, or phone, or skype; I don't share pictures (other than in the chat room, when I feel like it) and I reserve the right to tell you to get knotted if you annoy me. Or I might just ignore you.

No picture, no reply, and that includes winks.

I'm looking for friends, people I can relax with and chat with.

I don't like hypocritical people, or people who are too superficial.

Being able to think, and to explain, and to have a reasoned and interesting debate is very important to me

Also, not keen on photoshopped or other obviously fake images. And if you're going to use images you stole from a website, at least try to make them consistent! :)

The ability to use English in a coherent way is a major plus. :)

I am looking for:
CrossDressing fun. 
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Things to change/check (2):

3 - It looks as if friends and favourites haven't come over completely at the time of writing - might be worth checking
4 - Check your profile - mine came over OK, but if yours was one of the ones that got truncated a few months (or it might even have been a couple of years ago) it may need redoing - it's a good time to review it anyway.

Cassidee wrote:

Things to change/check (1):
1 - Set your timezone (My settings)
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