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I am:
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Make Up for Crossdressers,, Nail Care for Crossdressers,, CrossDressing Fashion,, CrossDressing Scene,, Crossdressing in Stockings and Suspenders,, Crossdressers in High Heels,, Crossdressers in Low Cut Tops, 
In My Own Words
About me:

I little more about myself, I am not attracted to men, in the same way the seeing myself naked has never turned me on.
However when a man transforms into a drag, transvestite or transsexual I am extremely turned on.
However on the rear occasion I have transformed myself into my Drag persona or the two occasion a profession transformed, I am extremely turned on by the feel of the clothes, and what I see in the mirror.
to learn from other Drag queens who share similar feeling.

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