In it to win it

In it to win it

A scientific breakthrough has just been announced on CCD. This formula has been devised by crossdressing scientists so it must be true.


Yes folks, you got to be in it to win it. Sending messages, flirts, virtual gifts, likes, blogs, groups and all the other features found on CCD is all designed to make you super popular with other crossdressers and generate new friendships.

So what happens when you "like" a post, comment, photo or profile? When you give the thumbs up (like), the recipient gets an email/alert (if their notifications are not turned off) that you have liked their content drawing attention to your amazing profile and should prompt them to say at least a polite thank you if they have a VIP Membership.

Either way any form of contact will draw your attention to your amazing self by someone who otherwise might not have seen you.

So we encourage you to get out there and start mingling. CCD is like a party, be a social butterfly and say his to someone now.