Uploading Nudity to Public Areas

Uploading Nudity

Uploading Nudity

We on occasions get members who feel it is ok to upload nudity and indecent images in public areas of ClubCrossDressing - despite the fact that we make it very clear to members when they join and when uploading images that we do not permit frontal below waist nudity in any form. This is totally unacceptable and here we outline why.

You would not flash someone down the high street because you would soon find the police knocking your door. This same rule applies in law to online too. The reason is because you would be subjecting people indecent images without their consent.

ClubCrossDressing does not permit frontal below waist nudity in any form. That includes see through "see-through" items, outlines of erections or any other material deemed offensive. Our moderators do not wish to see such material but more importantly, when you upload such images, because of the nature of the internet, you do not know who may actually see it - don't do it!

In fact, just recently a new governmental bill has been brought about this offence and this sort of activity has been named CyberFlashing.

More About CyberFlashing

Still unsure what you can and can't upload?

We have created a comprehensive list and guidelines detailing what is and is not permitted on ClubCrossDressing. If you are unsure, please read up using the buttons below.

Image Standards | Content Standards

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