Whats wrong with Crossdressing?

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Whats wrong with Crossdressing?

Whats wrong with Crossdressing?

There are some who say they feel guilty for crossdressing and some that even try and suppress their urge to. Why? Sure, society used to be backward and in the old days it was something that was almost "taboo" but now it is in the mainstream. Celebrities, businessmen and officials crossdress. Crossdressing is an art, a way of expressing one's feminine side. There are literally millions of crossdressers.

Let's take a logical look. Men have worn skirts for hundreds of years. A can in point, what is a kilt if not a pleated skirt? The Greek national guard technically wear a lose blouse, pleated skirt, tights and pom moms. Is this not a form of crossdressing? It is a ridiculous notion that crossdressing should not be acceptable in the main stream! Why should the preference of one's clothing have such a significant effect on how one feels?

A few decades a go a "Man Bag" would have been unheard of. Yet now you will find one or two men in the high street sporting one with pride. So, what is the difference between a Man Bag and a Hand Bag? They both serve the same function.

Men have worn earrings for thousands of years and don't forget the 1980s where eye liner and other makeup was the hight of fashion. We need to get over this hangup, this cloud over our heads.

To anyone who has a problem with crossdressing, guess what? Crossdressing is an art and a way of expressing one's selves and like it or not, it has always been here, is here right now and is definitely here to stay!

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