A sweet weekend

My wife is working with me on acceptance. She has been very understanding but said last week “give me some time.” She suggested I get a mani/pedi with her and we went yesterday. I loved being there with all the ladies! Then, last night I happen to mention that I had some panties coming in the mail and she asked what kind. When I told her lace, she very seriously said, “Don’t wear those too much. Lace wears out fast. Only wear those when you and I are going out some place.”I could not hide the gr…


At work

Today I’ve got a men’s polo and a pair of slacks on as I go about my day. But underneath....oh if only they knew! My favorite lace panties :) sharing this little secret with all my girlfriends here. Xoxo I want to have a party with all of you where we dance and laugh and have fun. Too bad so many of us are on different continents! Another random thought. I love to write. When I write fiction, it’s always a lesbian-theme, and it comes pouring out of me as if from a former life. But that’s just it…


Breakout weekend!

This has been a fabulous few last days for me. I came out to my wife a four days ago, and she is so very supportive, even though she is still learning the "whys" - she has gotten over her initial fears. She is an amazing woman.Today she had to go to work for a few hours and I cleaned up the house. I wore some beautiful lace panties (pictured in my profile) that just came in the mail recently, and a tank top, and turned on some jazz, and I danced-- in between sweeping and dusting-- like…