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 calvin50, Gay  (CDadmirer) 67  Doncaster South Yorkshire

Can't believe it's nearly a year since my last blog !!

Well here we are again. Had some interesting meets since my last blog. Thank you to all my friends who I have met and enjoyed over recent months. Had some amazing times and lots of let-downs but I suppose that would apply to most people on here. Looking to buy more lingerie soon and I am looking for clingy satin/nylon slips and nighties to wear with my stockings. If any one wants to share my experiences please feel free to message me on here. Who knows, we may even get together if you are not to…

 calvin50, Gay  (CDadmirer) 67  Doncaster South Yorkshire

1 year on from last blog.

Back on here again after a year away. I am still enjoying my secret life and have had several delicious meets with some very sexy guys. One guy I have met really floats my boat, He loves me to wear my playtex girdle and stockings hidden under a sheer nylon nightie.I sit on him and once well lubed I ease his gorgeous cock inside me.We can't get together as often as I would like due to our circumstances but it seems sweeter when we do get together. We enjoy exchanging our past history and I a…

 calvin50, Gay  (CDadmirer) 67  Doncaster South Yorkshire

Good times revisited

As a mature lingerie wearing fan of all things CD and TV  I am currently having  a revival of my youth. I used to dress often in my mothers and sisters underwear, usually Playtex corsets and all in ones with seamed stockings. One day a family friend whom I called Uncle called when I was in on my own and caught me strutting around in a corset and stockings. I thought I was in big trouble but it turned out he rather liked it. He sort of blackmailed me to have sex with him or he would tel…