My crossdressing journey begins

As I mentioned in my previous blog, it was not until I saw Tom in a sailor girl outfit and Dick dressed as a ballerina, that I got interested in girls' things.

That my father was often away due to his job helped. I only had to fear possible discovery by my mother and my sister, younger than me by four years. My mum had absolutely no interest in fashion and had a small wardrode and wouldn't notice if I had been through her things.

Initially, I tried on some of my mum's dresses, but these were too big for me.

My sister, whom I had regarded as a complete nuisance up until that point, became, unbeknownst to her, my new best friend. Despite the four year gap in age, I wasn't that much bigger than her. I would sneak around and borrow her clothes. I hadn't been aware how pretty girls' knickers were. The many colours, the lacy trim, bows and feminine patterning. I was an instant covert and wore my sister's knickers when I could. I also wore her school uniform - blouse, pleated skirt and cute ankle socks. I made a passable and pretty schoolgirl. I also wore her dresses. I loved the knowledge that I was wearing a skirt.

As my sister had few friends, I was obliged to play with her very often. In one game, after losing to her in a board game I offered to punish myself by dressing up in a complete set of her clothes. To my delight, my offer was accepted, and so I ended up with my sister seeing me wearing a pretty frock and a pair of mum's high heels and, of course, a pair of my sister's knickers underneath. I was dressed this way for a couple of hours.

My sister also liked crossdressing and she often dressed up as a boy. I always think it would have been better all around if I had been the girl and she had been the boy!