Gym Slip

Up until the last couple of years, school had always been a trial for me and I simply hated it. As I mentioned, I was pretty horrible boy and badly behaved. With puberty, as well as discovering the girl within, I calmed down and finally knuckled down to my studies.

In the final year, I was on course to actually get some O Levels, which none of my teachers would have said was possible a few years earlier. I was also the school council representative for my class. Anyway, some teacher had the bright idea to have a gym competition between the classes. Each class had to provide one boy and one girl to take part.

Finding a boy was no problem. Most of the boys prided themselves on their physical prowess. In fact, there were too many boys wanting to take part. None of the girls wanted to take part though. I don't know if this was because they were embarrassed by their still developing bodies or that they hated gym, but no amount of persuasion could induce any of them to take part.

One of the other boys suggested that I should take the girl's spot in the competition. It is true that I was the smallest boy in the class and looked quite feminine, but I was embarrassed when all of the girls tittered and the boys laughed. Plus, dressing up as a girl in the privacy of my own home was one thing, but being a "girl" in public

After some persuasion, I agreed to do it, and my tutor checked to see if I would be allowed to be a "girl". The teacher organising the competition was apparently fine with it. It was decided that if I was to be a girl, I would have to wear the girls' gym uniform. One of the girls, who was around my size offered to loan me hers.

The day of the competition came and I was handed my gym uniform. I was a bit shocked. As boys and girls did gym completely separately, I had little idea what girls wore for gym - or what I was letting myself in for!.

The top was OK. It was a standard blue one, very similar to what the boys wore. And I could wear my own socks and trainers. But as for the rest of it........I had to put on a pair of girls' gym knickers, which were dark blue with a blue lace trim. They were also very tight! Then came the skirt, if it can be so-called! This consisted of a very narrow band of pleats which almost encircled my narrow waist, and ended in a plain panel at the front. The skirt was coloured blue and I had no idea how to put it on, due to a complicated slide system. One of the girls had to help me, and she had the giggles.

The skirt was REALLY short, barely coming down much below the tops of my legs. Although I was a smallest of the boys, I was taller than most of the girls, including the girl whose gym kit I had borrowed, and so I was showing a lot of leg and the tiny skirt did little to cover my bottom or my frilled knickers. If I moved at anything more than a slow walk or bent down, the skirt would fly up, showing off everything. I didn't realise until now what the girls in my school had to put up.

I looked at myself in a mirror. Apart from the hairy legs (all the girls in my class were shaving theirs by this time) and feeling incredibly self-conscious and exposed, I looked a lot like a girl. If I shaved my legs, I would definitely be taken for a girl.

I got quite a few laughs and titters when I entered the gym as a girl (as all of the girls knew me there was no hope of being mistaken for anything but the boy in a gym skirt), but quite a few "he's got lovely legs!" and "he doesn't half look good in a skirt!". As for the competition, my athletic prowess at that time was such that I was always the last person picked for football teams and so it came as no surprise that not only did I look like a puny girl, I performed like one too!

Unfortunately, I was only in the gym uniform for as long as was needed for me to play my part and no pictures were taken. It was both an embarassing and exhilarating episode in my last year at school and I have fond memories of it.