If Only!

Mum was livid

No wonder really. It wasn't every day that you caught your thirteen year old son wearing your favourite evening gown!

As for me, the thirteen year old son in question, the bottom had just fallen out of my world and I wished the ground would swallow me up whole.

You see, I had been doing this for a while now. I had tried on all of mum's clothes, including her underwear, but up until now I had been lucky.

My luck had just run out!

"What the hell are you doing dressed like that?" Mum demanded.

I didn't know where to put my face or what to say "Ermm........it was just a...game" I answered weakly.

Mum snorted with derision "I don't believe you, young man. You see, I've been noticing that some of my dresses aren't where I last hung them, little things like that. If this is a game, you've been playing it for some months! No, something else is going on here and I want the truth, now!" Mum snapped.

Shaking with fear, I stammered "I........I......" I couldn't say the words.

"enjoy dressing in women's clothing" Mum finished for me "That's what you are trying to say, isn't it?"

I could only nod helplessly.

Mum smirked, satisfied.

"Now I need to decide what to do with you" she mused "This certainly merits a spanking" she looked at me and I cringed in my dress. She stayed silent for a few minutes, letting me sweat.

"But, I have a much better idea. Take off my dress and go to your room" she ordered me.

I complied, peeling off the red evening gown, dressing in my own clothes and heading to my room.

A few hours passed. I had spent them sitting miserably on my bed, contemplating my fate.

The door opened and Mum entered. She was carrying a pile of clothes. Girls' clothes. She dumped them on the bed.

"Get undressed" she ordered me.

Reluctantly, I began to peel off my clothes until I was down to just my underpants.

"Those too! Get them off!"

I complied. I was now naked in front of my mother.

Mum went to the bed and picked a pair of girls' knickers, but they were not the rather plan and functional ones that my Mum and sister wore, but much fancier. And frillier. They were pure white in colour and a mass of frills and lace.

I gulped as I realised that these were now MY knickers.

"Mum!" I began to protest. Mum responded by slapping my face.

"Put them on or you get slapped again!"

Almost in tears, I stepped into the absurdly frilly knickers.

Next I was handed a frilly vest which I pulled over my head, and a pair of white ankle socks with frills at the top of them. I slipped them on and they barely came above my ankle.

Mum then held up a dress. It was pink, with a white lacy collar and frilly bits where the arms ended. The dress had built in white petticoats, trimmed with lace.

Without further ado, I was inserted into the dress and it was buttoned up at the back. I was now a prisoner of the dress!

Mum slipped a pair of shiny shoes on my feet - mary-janes she called them - and did up the buckles. And then stepped back to admire her handiwork. I was bright red by this point and staring at the floor.

"There we are. Now you're a girl!"

"Please!" I began to blubber "I don't want to wear these clothes!"

Mum laughed "Ah, poor little man! One day he wants to dress in girl clothes and when I oblige him, he says he doesn't want them! Well, too bad, young lady! You wanted girls' things and now you've got them! You're staying in those clothes for as long as I decide. If, and only if, you be a good little girl, I might let you be a boy again. But that means behaving like the little lady you appear to be! OK?"

I could only nod miserably. It had been humiliating being caught in a dress by Mum but to be dressed in all of these frilles in front of her? And spoken to like I really was a little girl?

Mum grabbed my hand and pulled me roughly over to the mirror, I almost lost my balance in the slippery mary-janes. What I saw appalled me.

From the neck down was a vision of pink satin, white lace, puffy lacy white petticoats, pale hairy legs with knobbly knees ending in the cute ankle socks and shiny mary-janes. It was the dress appropriate for a little girl of about six, I realised. Above the neck was a boy's red face with an untidy mop of brown hair.

I looked like a sissy boy in a dress!

I began to cry with the humiliation of it.

Mum was unimpressed "Good. You cry all you want, little girl! From now on, your name is Jane and you will be treated exactly like a six-year old girl. You will wear whatever pretty clothes I tell you to wear, you will answer to your girl name, be referred to as a female and you will obey every order I give you without protest. Understood?"

When I didn't reply, she slapped my bare legs. It really stung. "Understood?"

Through tears, I said "Yes".

"Yes, what?"

"Yes, mum". She slapped my legs again "Mummy. You will call me mummy!"

I hadn't called mum mummy since I was a small child. It was deeply humiliating to revert back to early childhood "Yes mummy" I whispered.

"Good. You're learning. Now, lets go and introduce you to your sister!"

I cringed with shame as I was presented to my sister, who went into hysterics when she saw me.

"Abigail, this is your sister, Jane. Jane is your younger sister and so you are in charge of her when I'm not around"

My jaw dropped in shock at these words. I was four years older than my sister!

Mum turned to me "Yes, Jane, I see you comprehend. You are now the baby of the family"

Abigail smirked "If he is the baby, can I put him in nappies?"

"You will refer to your sister as she and her, Abigail"

"Yes mum. Oh, sister dearest, I am soooo looking forward to playing with you!"

More humiliation followed as Abigail brought down her old toys, the ones she used to play with when she was a little girl. "Here you go, little girl. Dollies!"

"Abigail, that was very sweet of you! Jane, thank your sister for being so kind as to allow you to play with her old toys"

I could have strangled Abigail at that moment, but through gritted teeth, I muttered "Thank you" Dolls!!!!

For the next few hours, I had to play with my dolls. It was mind-numbingly boring and babyish and I wondered how normal girls put up with this nonsense.

I was given my dinner, which I had to eat daintily and put to bed at 7 pm, 3 hours before my normal bedtime. I was given a barbie nightdress to wear.

In the morning, I was made to take a bath in sweet smelling soapy water, and when I got out I realised all my body hair had gone! I was now smooth and hairless.

"I put a solution of hair remover in" explained Mum"to make you all hairless, just as all little girls should be"

I was put back into the absurd outfit I had worn yesterday. After breakfast, Mum announced that she and I were going into town.

"Please mummy! I don't want people to see me like this!"

"Well I do! And that's an end to it".

I had to hold mum's hand as we went into the shopping mall, like a good little girl. I drew a lot a stares and laughs. Mum steered me into a ladies hair salon. I shuddered at the perfumed air and femininity of the place.

Mum sat me down and took one of my hands "Jane, dear, do you remember me telling you about when you were a baby? About the beautiful ringlets you used to have?"

Oh my dear god! I thought as I realised what was about to happen to me.

"Oh, no!" I begged "Please don't give me ringlets!"

Mum patted my hand "But you were such a beautiful baby! Everybody thought you were the prettiest baby girl ever! Don't you want to be pretty?"


"Too bad, because I want you pretty!"

Within minutes, I was made to sit in a chair and allow them to do what they wanted with my hair! First they washed it, then they dyed it platinum blonde, then they gave me the detested ringlets. I was going back to babyhood - almost.

After they had finished, I looked at myself in the mirror and I couldn't recognise myself.

I looked exactly like a six year old girl. Cute and pretty.

They hadn't finished. They painted my fingernails and toenails with a pink to match my dress and then, the ultimate indignity for a boy, they tied pink ribbons in my hair!

I looked like a pretty little girl.

I was taken home, and over the next few weeks, I had to live the life of a six year old girl. Frilly knickers, pretty dresses, ringlets, ribbons and dolls. As well as changing my appearance, my imposed girlhood was changing my behaviour. I was more submissive and gentle. After some rebellion, which earned me the classic little girl punishment of being put over mummy's knee and spanked on my bare bottom with a hairbrush, I accepted the superiority and authority of both my mother and sister.

I was mummy's little girl and Abigail's baby sister and that was exactly how I was treated.

The most humiliating episode during that time was when Mum was absent and Abigail was left in charge. She had clearly been waiting for this moment for a long time. Once mum had gone, she came down with a load of stuff. To my horror, there was a nappy and a pink baby bonnet.

"OK baby sister, its time to put you in nappies!"

By this time, I had become so submissive and resigned to my little girl life that I did not even protest, much less resist. I was put into the nappy and the baby bonnet and made to suck on a pacifier. Abigail put rubber pants and then frilly baby girl knickers on me and treated me like a baby girl. My torment didn't last as mum was due to return and Abigail got me back into my "usual" clothes just before mum came back.

It was the end of the holidays. I was mightily relieved as it meant I could escape this little girlhood. At school, I was a boy and so I would have to go back as one in the new term.

Mum summoned me. I tripped along in my dress and petticoats relishing the freedom that went with boyhood. I was so happy that I even curtsied to both mum and Abigail, who was also there.

"I suppose I ought to allow you to become a boy again, with term starting tomorrow" Mum said "What do you think Abigail?"

"I don't think that's a good idea. She's much better as a girl"

"I agree. In fact, I've spoken to the school and they tell me your academic performance is so bad that you should be sent back to infants school, so that's where you going! AS A GIRL!"

I could say nothing. My fate was sealed.