Looking for ideas from someone..... As many of us in here seem to be more aged than others, it occurred to me that my "pretend" breasts were too perky and didn't fit in the age group that I am in, at my age they should be sagging a bit. Some of us buy breast forms, mine are round, A,B,C sized. My bra size is a 42C and wearing a 42C, the round forms are fine while I am standing or sitting but, when reclining, or lying down, the top part of my cotton bra sinks down, showing that I obviously have round forms. For long term use, like for the whole day, how do you get over this problem? It's not that I am out of the closet going out in public, just that I want to look right for my own peace of mind.

As a p.s. to this, I discovered that if I wear a non-wired bra, then my boobs sag as they should at my age. Time to change my bras I think. LOL