Being a bit of a newcomer to breast forms, I have to say that wearing them puts a whole new dimension on being a crossdresser. I don't see myself as trying to pass myself off as a woman in public because I am just the kind of person who dresses in private. Yes, I take photos of me dressed and share some of them but an overt crossdresser, I am not.

So, I was excited to get my first ever pair of forms and have been wearing them often and for longer periods. I love sleeping with a bra and forms too. Underwired bras make my boobs look quite perky and non-wired bras make them sit more naturally, sagging a little. Each of my bras has its own merits with whatever I am wearing and if I want to look perky, then underwired it is! I have a cami bra which is good too, it has padding in it, offers just a little support and with forms in it too, it allows my forms to bounce a little. That's an interesting feeling I have to say, along with the fact that I now understand my late wife who complained about sweating under her boobs, my forms make that happen too!