I've been going through my wardrobe and I have a lot of cool stuff!

White silk little girls' frock with a pink bow - unfortunately I ordered the hemline a little too short and so it is more like a top than a dress! (Still, it does give anyone looking a interesting view)

Pink satin little girls' frock with white lace edging - I love this dress!

Blue Petticoat

Two pairs of ultra frilly knickers - one in pink and black and one in white satin and lace (this one was clearly meant to accommodate a nappy/diaper)

Three pairs of cute lacy ankle socks

White lace bonnet

White lace gloves

Large Pink clip-on hair bow

Two pairs of mary-janes

White Tights

I also have a schoolgirl uniform - grey skirt, white blouse and tie plus a short black pleated gym skirt

Pink cheerleaders' dress with pom poms

Flowery swimsuit

Little girl Jasmine is almost complete - just another two pairs of incredibly gorgeous and frilly knickers to come although a ballerina outfit and some princess outfits would be nice - after all every little girl wants to be princess and a ballerina - but those will have to wait.

On the train up to central London yesterday, I saw a young girl with her hair in braids and two blue ribbons tied to each side of her head. She was obviously taking part in a dance contest. I so wished I could look like her.

Since I have bought a lot of my clothes at amazon, they keep showing me achingly beautiful little girl dresses - no way in the world they would ever fit me as they are for girls who are much smaller than me!

Ah, the agony of being able to only look upon such feminine beauty! Such is my purgatory, but still I now have my own collection of pretty clothes.