After publishing book in 2015 I have been running a survey through the website www.caties-book****** and so far here's what CD/TV's have been saying....

  • 74% of those who responded refer to themselves as cross dressers rather than transvestites
  • 58% said they were bi sexual
  • 70% said they were married
  • 78% began dressing under 16 years old
  • Only 6% stated that they dress for sexual satisfaction
  • 77% said cross-dressing was a positive influence on their life
  • 97% only occasionally or never attend social events cross dressed
  • 96% wanted greater tolerance or understanding of cross dressing

Does any of these facts resonate with your experience?

Vernon Coleman in his book suggested that many CD/TVs share a pathway of development in line with the statistics above.

What do you ladies think?