This morning, I decided to try my hand at makeup. I don't have much,
just a few things around that belonged to my late wife. I was always
fascinated, watching her do her makeup and this morning, a tear came to
my eye as memories of watching her came flooding back. Anyway, this
isn't supposed to be a grief counselling post so I will get on.I am just
a little bit wary of over doing the makeup so I decided just to go with
lipstick. First try wasn't successful but second try was fairly good.
The only problem was that, standing back from the mirror, I looked like I
didn't have any on! I thought about this for a bit and them looked at a
few photos of women wearing makeup and it was then obvious, My lips are
too thin! I can't do much about that, so I had thin red lips... LOL

Eventually, I will get round to foundation and so on but I called it quits at
lipstick and made a cup of tea. As I sat with my tea, I got a pleasant
surprise... I was leaving lip prints on my cup! That brought a smile to
my face and is encouraging further attempts at makeup.