Driving Miss Cristine TRUE STORY

Many Years ago in my early cross dressing days I had a job as a vehicle delivery driver. Sometimes I had to wait hours for a car to be ready for pickup which gave me time to look around all the charity shops in the area. on one of these trips I was in a shop browsing when a young man came up behind me and whispered to me that my size was around 14/16 and that these sizes were all on another rail near the back of the shop.It was obvious that he knew that I was looking for female attire and he offered to help me and said that I could use the rear of the shop to try on anything . I picked out two dressses ( which are my thing ) one was a sheath dress in a 16 which I decided to try, this was when I heard a knock at the door and the guy popped his head around it and said "Are you O.K. there, let me zip you up, I've closed for lunch just now" I couldn't resist the offer, he came around my back and pulled the zip up very slowly and then placed his hands on my hips, I felt a shudder up my spine, I turned around and we kissed quite passionately, I was chuffed at the fact he was around 30 years my junior but a great kisser, now I don't class myself as 'gay' but I was really well into this. I needed time to chew over what was happening so I told him that I would have to go but I would come back sometime soon. I followed him to the front shop and felt obliged to purchase the dress and another summer type flowing dress. Just as I was paying for them i noticed a box in the corner with some lingerie items in it, I had a look inside and it contained slips panties, Bras and a corsolette ,I asked how much he wanted for them and he replied "I can't sell them for health and safety reasons, but I was about to bin them, so if you want them you can take them away and there's another box in the back you can have as well'. I thought my Birthday had come early, I gratefully accepted them and promised faithfully that I would come back another day, "I look forward to that he replied as he helped my out to the car and with a cheerful wave I left to make my delivery.