Exotic Delivery TRUE STORY

Driving back to my HQ I couldn't concentrate on my driving for thinking about the day's events. I decided to pull into a motorway stop for a break and after a coffee and a rest I returned to the car and saw the two boxes of lingerie on the back seat, ....the temptation was too much....I grabbed as much of the contents as I could stuff into my driving jacket of many pockets and made my way back to the rest room and entered a cubicle and stripped right down to my socks and proceeded to don as many items as possible and then I got dressed again. I must have looked like the ' Nutty Professer ' before the change, I can't say what took place on the way back, I'll leave that to your imagination, but I drove slower than usual and a little while later I had to make another stop and clean myself up a bit.. i eventually got back to base and by this time I had changed back to my boring work clothes and transferred my booty to my own car booty. I did return to the shop on my next trip only to find that someone else was in charge that day....maybe he will be there on my next visit.