for years now I keep saying, I’m going to tell her everything about my dressing desires, there has been so many opportunities to open up to every thing. Jokingly over the years she has used comments like “ you dress up as a woman when I’m not here” or “ I would love to do your eyes with mascara “, then there was there crossdressing story on coronation street, when there were any jokes about crossdressing I said yes that’s me but it didn’t click, about 3 years ago I bought black satin P Js and plain French knickers as shorts to wear in bed, she now knows I have a satin fetish and is ok to wash my PJs, it also helps me keep the crossdressing needs at bay, but I have now found these feeling as growing, then there was the transgender on 7year itch. I said about it to her, the reply was that would be ok but I couldn’t make love to anybody dressed as a woman, the way seems very clear that all would be ok but I can’t get the words out, I sit next to her, in my satin but can’t talk to her. Why? I’m going to just do it, this is driving me nuts.. well I spilled the beans last night, not what I was hoping for, questions about do I do make up and was I dressing up before I knew her, don’t know were we go from here now, definitely an elephant in the room this morning , see when I get home, Going to let her mill on it . Hope see can see why I told her . Well it’s now just over a week since I told my wife I have been crossdressing since my teens, lied to her over our 30 year marriage, things are very difficult now, I no it will take time and I have caused a lot of upset, we are muddling along at the moment, this is real life, not a book or a dream , things were good before and I don’t no how or what I’m going to gain from this, if you’re thinking about coming out , I wound say think about it , what is going to happen , not what you want to happen, because it won’t go the way you think .. more later xxx