A Day to remember

THIS IS A TRUE ACCOUNT OF MY FIRST AND ONLY 'DRESSED OUTSIDE' ADVENTURE TO DATE.......... Many Years ago my Wife told me that her Sister who had not been very well needed a break and she said that she would like my Wife to accompany her to her holiday home for 1 Week. She asked me if I would mind to which I replied that she had my blessing... I immediately I started planning what I had been dreaming of for a long time.. I always dreamed about going out in public fully dressed. and now my dream was about to come true. I thought that I was the only dresser in Scotland until I joined CCD....The big Day came, my Wife left early in the Morning so I got to work straight away. First thing , into a hot perfumed bath, an all over body shave followed by a heavy spray of 'Nair' and then a shower followed by a smothering of body lotion and just in case..for.... emergencies thorough douche. I didn't have a face shave that Day, I decided to start my adventure next Day, so I spent the rest of Day picking out what to wear next Day. I awoke next Morning at 6-30 am and got up, had a face shave, ate some breakfast and then started to dress. I had decided that I would dress from bottom to top so starting with a pair of tan coloured tights followed by nylon panties, my waist clincher, a full length nylon slip, a 38 c cup bra.with inserts and a straight midi skirt. I decided on a pair of slingback wedge shoes as I would be wearing them most of the Day . I got my shoes wig and makeup bag and a faux fur jacket and popped them into a holdall and place them in my car. I had already put on a base cream and some light powder to save time and to avoid being noticed as I left home. I slipped on a pair of joggers over my skirt and fleece over the rest of my body and a pair of trainers and went out to my car unnoticed. I drove to a large covered retail park 12 miles away and drove into the underground car park. I looked around and picked a parking bay that was not prominent. and proceeded to complete my make up, lippy, eye liner, mascara ..Etc. placed my short style wig on my head, removed my fleece and joggers, put on my shoes and took a deep breath and said to myself....This is it...just walk and ignore everyone and just window shop....Which I did. I never noticed if anyone had noticed me or anything unusual about me. so I shopped for the next 3 hours and then decided to go for some lunch. I picked an open plan cafe, collected my food and sat at a small 2 seater table. I kept looking around but nobody seemed to notice me until suddenly a nicely dressed Gentleman excused himself and asked if he could share my table as the cafe was full, I had to say yes and almost forgot to disguise my voice. I hadn't counted on talking to anybody but I got caught out, luckily my companion never noticed. I thought that he would strike up a conversation but he casually took out a newspaper and proceeded to read it to my relief. After lunch I did a bit more window shopping and then feeling tired..in fact too tired to drive I decided on a visit to the small cinema on the mall. After around 3 hours of watching and 'Dozing' I left the cinema and made my way to my car and drove home. It was dark by this time it was dark so didn't bother to change, I just got into the house and flopped into bed........What a Day.........fini