A Mid Winter's Night Dream

Isn't it funny how we all have dreams and when we wake up we can't remember most of them, well.......this is one which I do remember, and it's a cracker.It is all basically a true dream but I have filled in the missing blanks as we can never remember every detail of our dreams so much of it I have spiced up a little just to make it more interesting......It all began when I was a Telecoms Technician during the 70,s. I was on an isolated country area doing maintenance when I received a call from my Supervisor telling me to attend a faulty line. I drove the 35 miles to the address where I came upon a large villa with a driveway longer than my Street, there was a staircase up to the front door with a large knocker and a bell, I decided on the bell which I rang giving them time to get to the front door. While I was waiting for an answer I imagined calling at the 'Addams Family house with 'Lurch' coming to the door and saying,... "You Rang"..... all of a sudden while I was dreaming the door did open and a middle aged lady appeared and I announced that I was here to repair the telephone line, she invited me in and said that 'Madam' was not at home for a few Days but she had left instructions to attend to the technician.I inspected the whole system and decided that with the wiring being so old that I would have to rewire the whole house, I then informed my Supervisor who said that If I had enough materials in my van to go ahead and do the job while I was there. I informed the maid of my decision but I would have to go to the nearest Town and fix up some accommodation, she replied that I could stay in one of the rooms in the servant's quarters and that she would o.k. it with madam, she then told me that she was off for the next week and to help myself to any of the food in the fridge. I thanked her and said that I would collect my gear from my van she replied that I should push the keys through the letterbox when I leave... I collected everything that I would need and took them to my room and decided that as it was late I would start the next Morning. It was still quite early so I decided to be nosy and explore the whole house starting at the top floor, there were 4 rooms on each floor and I tried the first door....Locked....2nd door.....Locked, In fact the whole of the top floor was the same, so I went down a flight and tried the first 2 doors....again.....Locked...so on to the 3rd door ...open, so I went in and tried to find a light switch...no luck, but a funny familiar aroma hit my nose but I couldn't quite place it and as it was pitch black inside I decided to return later with a good flashlight...And so on to the last room...I oped the door which was unlocked and another aroma hit me...'Shalamar' I knew the fragrance as a previous girlfriend had used it, so I switched on the light and what a sight greeted me , There were cupboards and wardrobes all around the room and also it was ell furnished with what looked like French period type. The whole room was decorated in Pink giving it a extremely feminine feel. I entered the room and straight away I made my way to one of the wardrobes which I opened ...Wow... It was filled end to end with dresses of every style and colour, Short, Long,Midi, Mini....you name it they were there. Moving on to the drawers,, they were all filled with lingerie...all silk and consisting of panties,slips, corsets clinchers, bras, again every colour and again all pure silk. In another drawer i found an assortment of stockings, gloves and beautiful wigs and hair extensions. also in another cupboard there was a collection of shoes which would have put ' Imelda Marcos' to shame. This discovery must have been too much to bear for one dream because that's when I awoke shaking with pleasure This was a real ' Club Crossdressers ' dream.

I don't have an end to this dream story so I'll just have make one up...Watch out ' The dream '.........Chow for now.............XXX.