Wedding Games..........Part 1.This part is completely true.

When I was 16, Young and skinny, I was invited to my older sisters wedding. For weeks before she had kept her Wedding Dress at our house nicely packaged up and hanging behind Mum and Dad's bedroom door. I never got to see this wonderful piece of clothing . Fast forward to one week before the big day, The groom and best man (Terry) who both lived 45 miles away came to stay in our house and my Sister moved in with the Chief Bridesmaid, It was a case of everyone ' bunking in ', I had Terry sharing my bed and the Bridegroom slept on a fold up bed in our parlour. It was absolute chaos for those few days and all the time I kept on dreaming about that dress...the one that I couldn't see but could only imagine what it looked like, any way the big day arrived and I was given the honour of becoming an Usher at the ceremony. After I got everyone seated in their various places I got the signal that the Bride had arrived... The Organist struck up the Bridal march and there she was, I couldn't believe that this was my Sister in this beautiful Gown, It was full length and buttoned up to the neck with puffed sleeves pointed at the tip and fastened around each of her middle fingers, the material was Satin which shimmered with every light which she passed walking down the Aisle. My heart was beating heavily with the sight that I was seeing. I had been experimenting for a few years with my Sisters and my Mum's Lingerie and other articles of female clothing sashaying around the house when nobody else was around but soon she would be leaving home to start her own married life and I would be losing most of my fun props when she moved to their new home. I was in a complete dream all during the ceremony, I just couldn't take my eyes off that dress and indeed the 4 Bridesmaids who all looked equally as beautiful. The wedding and supper all went great and toward the end of the night the Groom came up to me and asked for one more favour, I of course said yes, anything at all, he then asked if I would look after their new flat, in fact they would be grateful if I would move in for the duration of their Honeymoon, I of course jumped at the chance, I could indulge in dressing in her clothes again for at least a Week, then came the bombshell......the best man was also going to be there.....Mum said that she would take all the dresses back to their flat as they had to be returned to the hire company by Thursday so with this being Saturday that meant I had at least 4 days to try and sneak a peek and maybe even get the chance to wear the Bridal gown which was going to be cleaned anyway. Sunday Morning came and mum and Dad came to the flat with the dresses and hung them all around the picture rail in the bedroom. Terry and I spent Sunday evening watching TV, Well....I thought that Terry was, but all the time he was watching me...I was getting a bit uncomfortable with this as I couldn't take my eyes off the dresses hanging up in the bedroom, with the door opened wide I could see their reflection on the dressing table mirror. Around Terry got up and had a stretch and said that he was going to bed and to try and keep the volume down on the TV I replied that I would just have a read at the papers, He called out from the bedroom and said " By the way I'm going home for a couple of days to get my mail and tidy a few loose ends up, so you'll be on your own", I told him that I could manage O.K.......This was the chance I had been waiting for. Next Morning around Terry said that he was off out now and would see me in a couple of days. I waited for an hour before getting out of bed and then went over to the wedding gown and removed it from the cover and laid it over my bed I then search around the flat looking for some lingerie...then I struck gold,,,,Mum had brought all the wedding lingerie and placed it in the laundry basket , at the bottom of the dress cover I found the pair of Satin shoes which she had worn, being small and thin way back then I had an idea that the shoes would fit me................See Part 2