Wedding Games Part 2. This 2nd part is an ' I wish story ' ...Complete Fiction....x I was, the newlywed's flat all mine for at least two Days, not only that but with my Sister's complete Wedding outfit at my disposal..Retrieving all the Lingerie from the laundry basket I proceeded to dress up starting with, the Bra, Panties, Garter belt full length slip all in silk and a pair of sheer white stockings and the shoes which I managed to squeeze on. I obviously couldn't fasten up all the buttons at the back of the dress so I settled for the top two buttons.This was Heaven on Earth, I pranced all around the flat sashaying in front of the mirror and spent the next three hours still wearing the outfit and imagining that it was my wedding which made it more enjoyable. I was so wrapped up in myself that I never heard the door of the flat open, then I heard the voice, It was Terry......." You bitch , It should have been me trying the Brides dress, I was the best man, not you" I was shaking with fear by now, he ordered me to sit on the bed and not to move an inch then he started to undress completely , he then he started to raid a dresser drawer for some more lingerie then took the largest of the bridesmaid's dresses and put it on. There was a zip on the back which he ordered me to do up for him then he turned me around and fastened the remainder of my buttons up, he then turned me around again and landed a kiss on my lips which completely left me in shock, I felt a pain run down my spine. " There there he said just relax and enjoy, just use your imagination " I did start to relax and he gave me a big hug and another kiss. " lets do this right, we need some makeup, I'll see what I can dig up", 5 minutes later he returned with a cosmetic bag and proceeded to do his face up with foundation, rouge and lipstick, when he had finished he turned his attention to me and proceeded to repeat the process. When he had finished he said " There now isn't that more like it ".....another hug and another kiss this time the lipsticked lips did the trick, I was actually starting to enjoy it, He was so hot that I just couldn't help myself and I indulged myself even deeper, The next thing., that I remember was my dress being lifted and my pants being pulled aside but not down, he the brought his head up the inside of my dress and took my swollen member in his mouth, this continued for a while then coming up he said " Do you want to take this further ", I agreed to carry out his wishes as I was getting really randy by this time. He then jumped on to my bed and lifted his dress and pulled his panties aside and said " Come on on ,fill me " I naturally obliged. This was my first time and of course I was not prepared for it thus condom but by this time I was past caring Then it was my turn...I wont go in to details as you may or may not have experienced this situation yourself, all I can say is that I have never experienced or probably never will again what happened that week...............The end.