Couples are all the same: heteros, gays, lesbians: all the same in that one of the two will lead and one will be led, one will dominate and one will be dominated. How much and how far....that always depends. We see battered women who just can't leave their mate, we have, ok, rarer, also some men in hetero couples who are constantly being beaten up by their spouse (and sometimes the guy is twice as big as the female...And it is always the same in that when things are "nice", things are "nice". But when problems start, they are more often then not about: 1) Money 2) drinking or 3) drug use. It is never easy to get out of such a situation. Human bonds are so terribly strong and some people just can't let go, and thus most often it is the woman who pays the heavy price with her life. Or some couple just go on being miserable with ewach other for a long time. Of course, on a more pleasant note, some happy couples with live happily together their life long.....take a pick....or stand on the sideline and just watch.