After years of repression Patricia is becoming more demanding. Having got her own high heels she is now testing the boundaries. Last week my work sent me away for a couple of days and Patricia was really naughty. She bought some Nair cream and cleared all the hair from her legs. Wow, so smooth and soft they felt wonderful and looked so milky white with the coarse black hair flushed down the hotel drain. Now I can't keep my hands off my legs, it is such a pleasure just rubbing moisturiser into my soft smooth thighs.

My wife coloured her hair, getting ready for a short cruise ship holiday, it was not her usual brand and her hair turned orange. It was definitely a job for the professionals down at the salon to fix. So Patricia got a little time to herself. She really needed a chance to dress and be herself, to express her true nature. Stretching sheer black hold up stockings along those smooth soft hairless legs was pure joy. Hooking together the black satin suspender belt behind her back then fastening the suspenders to the lacy stocking tops, another excuse to caress my thighs. Stepping into the matching black satin panties and sliding them slowly up her legs and finally feeling the tightness as her cute little ass filled out the black satin, the nice smooth front hiding the tucked away male parts. Then the final piece of the matching lingerie set, slipping one arm at a time through the bra straps then reaching behind to connect the hooks and eyes on the bra band and to finish it all off, slipping on those divine black patent leather high heels. The mirror wardrobe doors are so big they give such a good view. Seeing my full size reflection I feel the magic, the black magic of lingerie and high heels transform me into Patricia a thing of stunning beauty, a pure sex object; not a real woman just an image, a fantasy, a centrefold to drool over. My legs look so long in a full length mirror, heels make such a difference. I wrapped my denim mini skirt around my waist, I fastened the buttons up the front. Now its play time I started doing some glamour poses, slowly undoing a button at a time, upwards from the hem, peeling the skirt back revealing a glimpse of what lies beneath. Teasing with another button, a bit more black nylon, then a silver suspender clip glinting against a black lace stocking top, next a flash of black satin panties. Finally all the buttons are undone and I hold out one side of the skirt revealing the left leg; gorgeous, shapely from gracefully pointed toe to stocking top, panties and suspender belt. I peel back the other side to reveal the matching right leg, the skirt making a back drop drawing the eye to the lingerie. Deep in my reverie of self adoration my mobile rang and I dropped the skirt. I answered the phone, it was my work boss. I have a casual job and he needed a rush job fitted in before I flew off on holiday that evening. I just felt so confident standing there in my lingerie, stockings and heels. I was so beautiful and desirable I could wrap any man around my little finger, they would give me anything I asked for, so I asked for double time and got it. They say, Give a girl the right shoes and she'll conquer the world, well Patricia has got the perfect shoes and is going to try.

Next I collected my wife from the salon, they had done a nice job on her hair. She asked if I noticed anything else, I did, she'd had her eyebrows waxed and they looked really good. I asked if waxing hurt and she said not a lot so I said well maybe I'll go to the spa on the cruise ship and have my chest and back waxed and she said maybe you'll get lucky if you do. Thank you, thank you, now have I got the nerve to give it a go?

On the cruise I checked out the prices at the spa for waxing, double what my home town beauty salon charges. So I raised the subject again with my wife and she says she doesn't find chest hair sexy and I should get rid of it. I had such success with the Nair cream I am going to try that first. If anyone has any tips or tricks on hair removal please leave a comment.

Of course the cruise made a big thing of Christmas. Huge tree with a turning on the lights ceremony on the second evening at sea and a big red post box for letters to Santa. I know they probably go straight in the bin unread but just in case I slipped in one from Patricia asking for a black PVC corset and matching thigh length boots. Patricia is getting so much of her own way at the moment anything is worth a try. Maybe the law of attraction is strong with her. She had to admit to being very naughty but that might sway Santa into popping down her chimney and delivering the goods.

Thanks Patricia.