As it is often said, it is best to be alone then to be miserable in a couple. Being alone is not a sickness. Indeed some people have a difficult time tolerating their own self. True, there are times, especially around the holidays when people who are single -even by choice - will feel a bit miserable considering al the hype and the parties and the gatherings all over the place. Single people will go "hide" themselves in the crowd in shopping centers or train stations or whatever, in a manner escaping their loneliness......but put them in a "couple" situation and they can't wait to get away and be by their lonesome again. Not everyone is made to be part of a duo. Best if it is a personal choice of course. Indeed if you have been in a relationship and have rejected the other....or worse, have been rejected, then the best remedy is to get back in a relationship....and back in a duo again.