Body Image

So this "gurl" is proud to show her chest. In her mind she is Marilyn Monroe with a nice set of 36B or such. Of course in real life (she) is as flat chested as the girl next door who can only dream of one day having enough money to get herself a nice boob job to enhance the curves and go with her wide hips and voluptuous ass. As for the other "gurl", it's all a bit in the mind - and nothing wrong with that. It huts nobody and the gurl is quite happy (so it would seem) with her body image. The other extreme is the body building nonsense, "sported" by both men and women who want to end up looking like Mister Michelin of the famed commercial. They are pumped up on all kinds of garbage and stroïds and strut and fret their own hour upon such and such a stage all the while destroying their own body. (ok: who cares, except that such bodies look totally gross to me). Body image is important of course. As long as you don't go over the edge, I would think.