Love and Hate

"Odi Amo". Two sides of a vey very thin coin. Love is blind and all that and as long as it lasts........but what happens when the sugar coating is gone and the daly business serts in? The reality always means money, and habits, and "discovering" the true nature of the other. People can and do love each other for decades and decades. For others, the veil drops or they get tired of the other, fall in love elsewhere - or not - then recriminations or whatever comes in. Sometimes it's like an atomic bomb and there is high drama....and death. Some people just can't let go, will make the other one "pay for it". (Mostly) women will go for the huge $$$$ settlement...if they outlive the anger of the other. Of course some women are also more devious and go the "arsenic in the soup" variety, but the result is the same.