this day began as any other day, cold and dark in the early hours before dawn. On this day, I would get to know Tiffany. Tiffany was the quiet type, who by all appearances was a bit submissive, yet kept her composure until she finally got her way. Tiffany began this day with a small shopping trip to acquire the necessary items for her transformation. She took the time to use a dressing room to get the proper fit and look she desired. She drove to the closest truck stop to dress in the restrooms, keeping her man suit over top to not draw attention yet. She put on her makeup in the parking lot, followed by her jewelry. Next, she headed to the first adult novelty store of the day to purchase a wig. She asked the clerk for assistance, who selected a brunette wig just past shoulder length with bangs. He agreed to let her use the facilities to make adjustments. She missed the casual flirtation and possible romance here when the clerk complemented her by saying how beautiful she looked.