The art of dressing

I sometimes feel there is an art to dressing and that to emulate females its more than just wearing some panties and stockings. Women don't go around exposing their stocking tops, or their belly, bending over chairs with their bottom out. To emulate means to femulate. Often the less on show, the more conservative and the better the fit or the clothes, the way the natural woman stands, sits and walks needs to be taken into account by us feminine men, especially when we take pictures. Women don't often go out in full 4 inch heals and mini skirt and tight blouse just to do the shopping, when flats, a pair of leggings and a jumper looks natural. Now I am not saying my pictures are anything to write home about or saying how others should to take pictures of themselves is wrong. Just that when I see some really stunning trans women they are 100% a woman because they are natural. No hairy arse, legs on display, they look sexy because they dress sexy but that's mainly because they have their clothes on too. I would give my 4 inch heels to be a size 10 with size 6 feet and long hair and I am sure many of you would too. When that is beyond us, I so feel then that the clothes we choose need to reflect our size, shape and build. A skimpy thong trying to hold in a 9 inch package is not sexy when a full lacy set of briefs would hide it better. The correct size bra to hold in our man boobs that is not so tight its squeezing your heart into your neck could be worth the investment if you can. Try to get your own clothes rather than your wives or girlfriends. Facebook selling sites, M&S on line and ebay are great for this and decrete. Simply be is another good site for larger shoe and dress sizes. Enjoy yourselves Girls.