I have recently had lower back surgery to try and solve leg pain. Thankfully it has been mostly successful but still too early to be absolutely sure. This surgery has left me in a bit of an uncertain position with my crossdressing, I have to say that I have questioned my love of lingerie and crossdressing.

I love dressing up and was addicted to buying clothes and lingerie. As I got closer to surgery date, knowing that I needed some small care after, I became concerned that my carers, my daughters, would be upset at me so I kinda secreted my wig and bras before my surgery.

After surgery, I had a friend call in to check on me, the kids had to go on an emergency bereavement trip, and I knew this friend would not be receptive to my dressing so I kept my stuff hidden. Now, just over a week after surgery, I feel much happier and, although I am still in the closet, I have brought out my wig and lingerie again.

As I write, I am happy to have my bra & forms on again, along with a long sleeved top and wig. Multiple bracelets and a necklace complete the ensemble. I feel so much better being dressed, so much so that I have ordered a new bra.