I love to dance but when I dance while I'm dressed my femininity just explodes out of me. My body reacts in a very girly way and it feels so so natural. It's an amazing expirience and it really relaxes my body and my mind. I totally loose myself in music and I just feel myself a gorgeous woman regardless of all my imperfections.

Not so long ago I felt so confident and exuberant that I decided to take my dancing a step further and have a bit of an adventure in the sexiest, most erotic and most feminine kind of dance ever created by women: Burlesque!

Oh girl it's pure joy, ecstasy and fun! I admit that it's more physical than I thought but so rewarding! And the reward is exactly what the dance is about: if you already feel yourself sexy and feminine after you dressed up pretty then multiply by infinity when you make those moves.

It's a wonderful therapy for girls like us and I highly recommend it!

Just find a tutorial on youtube, learn some move, play your favourite music and feel that beautiful woman who you already are!