My my what a nice day

Hi all just been into town and come back I went to buy some blusher as I have just bought new summer trousers and top to match the other day in Limassol with my wife I also got another top and skirt and a pair of silk trousers which feel lovely on well all of what I have bought feels good will post more photos soon . I’m back in the uk this Saturday so I will be preparing for cold weather I don’t know if to fetch some of my girly clothes with me as I want to go out but every time I try to meet somebody it’s a no go. I only want to meet like minded people to chat have coffee and talk shopping also to go out for a walk all dressed up it’s one of the greatest feelings to walk and look at other people walking towards you that just walk straight past you and don’t batter a eye. I went in Asda in Stafford once as I put nail polish on and had no remover my Hart was beating like a drum but I had to do it I was all dressed I drove down town pulled in to the car park and sat for a few minutes thinking ho just do it so that was it in I went straight through the doors first thing security guard he looked never battered an eye I walked on shoppers straight past them to the makeup isle got the nail varnish remover then felt so confidant went and got some bits of shopping and video called the wife while I was there she just could not believe were I was and that I had confidence to do what I did I then went to pay and walked out some girls looked at me and just smiled I went back to the car and drove round for a bit then back to the hotel we’re i was stopping at the time.