Follow on from i'v been busted

Well when i last posted on my first blog everything has changed for the better, the wife found out i crossdress and she was alright with it.
Little did i know what was to follow regarding the dressing and things, i was on tender hooks for weeks.
We sat down and had a good chat about it as she said she was fine with it and even bought me a few things, after the chat she got into it a bit more reading up about it and finding out just how common it is for men to crossdress.
A few days went by then she said do you want to sit and do a bit of window shopping on the computer so i said yes, but to my supprise she went onto newlook uk and asked me what i wanted to look at, that made me go a bit shy and not want to say anything but i said i like to look at dressers and skirts so she found some and we looked at them the funny thing was we both liked the same type.
We looked at all sorts of things together heels, stockings, dresses, skirts, bra sets and she was fine with it.
She could see it was making me horny but did not do anything about it but 6 days later a box arrived in the post with most of the things i said i liked.
We now have a look together at different onlie shops and go to shops near us and walk around the fem part of the shop.
Saturday nights has now become a dress night were we both get dressed and sit at the table for a meal and a glass of wine, after that the night gets even better.
She is not into wigs and makeup but who knows at a later date she my find that ok but for now i'm happy with the way things are.
We are now building my side of the wardrobe up with nice thing and my shoe rack has now got 4 pair of heels on it, lingerie draw is getting lots of things in it as well so all in all things could not be better.