Is calling yourself a sissy a bad thing?

This is my first time writing something like this so forgive me when it come out tho be just a big incoherent jumble of words :D

So first ill just say when I go into chat sometimes or even in some messages it seems like some people have a negative reaction to my name because of the "sissy" part, its not a violent reaction just kind of like they get a little more distant. So I was wondering why CDs dont like the sissy title, when I think of sissy I think of ultra fem and cute, something that is sissy is frilly, satin, shiny or a combination of all three. I do love to wear sissy style clothes they are what I look for the most when online shopping and yes there is a sexual aspect to it as well but I also like regular Fem clothes and there is a sexual aspect to that as well, if I was to ever get the courage to go out it would certainly be in clothes that would not be considered sissy. I really love wearing my sissy clothes it makes me feel so fem and sometimes sexy. I guess what Im asking or wondering about is why do CDs who consider themselves sissies get a bad rep? I and many others just want to talk and get to know others and gain friends that will help with various parts of making myself feminine, we are not always looking for cyber S or want to talk about dirty things so until that happens in a chat with them i would like to be treated like every other CD.

Ok that was just a random thought I had and figured it would be good to type it out. This site has been nothing but good to me so the post is not really directed to hear but other places i have been are really bad with this kind of thing. Any who for anyone who took the time to read this I hope you have a wonderful and fem filled day ;D