New Shoes

Probably the most difficult item to buy and to get the size right.

Buying my first pair of heels was my last act of crossing the line into the Crossdressing world. I first saw my pair of shoes while I was looking for knickers, stockings or any other items of lingerie that caught my eye. It was in a chain of high street store that sells budget priced clothing so if they didn't fit, I wouldn't be £'s out of pocket.

They were a medium sized heel in a gold sandal style, my heart raced as I picked them up to assess if they would fit, I kept looking round to see if anyone was watching but I couldn't risk the embarrassment of trying them on, so instead took them to the checkout. I tried not to shake when handing over my cash as I was so excited and nervous about buying ladies high heeled shoes. But I wanted them so much I overcame my shame and boldly handed over my money to the guy who took it without too much embarrassment. I couldn't wait to get them on.

In my bedroom the time had come to put them on, they were a size 42 or 8 in the UK. They went on easily and I fastened the side buckle on the ankle straps. I felt transformed, sexy and leggy. This was the look that would make me pose for dozens of photos in my lingerie. But it didn't stop with one pair. As they were on the roomy side I wanted to buy another pair and when I saw some more on sale , I quickly snapped them up even though they were a size 40, a bit tight but with really high heels and again my favourite strappy style.

My last and final pair for a strappy slutty style were again from the same store and an old couple gave me a strange look when I was waiting in the queue for the checkout. But I just didn't care anymore as the urge was so strong, nothing was gonna stop me now.