hi all, this is my first blog post. A lot of people ask me what it’s like to be so busty. I actually can’t imagine not having big breasts. It’s what I always wanted and I feel like I’ve had big boobs my whole life. I’m just so used to and comfortable being a busty lady and I have to admit I enjoy the looks and stares and all the attention. I know some people think they’re too big or just don’t find them attractive but that’s ok, I understand it’s not something that everyone likes but most do and most people understand it’s just something that I like and it works for me. We all have our own desires and choices. So with that said, I do love how guys get so turned on looking at my pictures and the guys I go out with. I also enjoy hearing from women who find them attractive and tell me how they would love to enjoy them as well. I love meeting new people and if you’re interested in getting to know me please drop me a message. Big tittie hugs and kisses, Holly