the dawning of skatergirl

ive alway been curious of all things girlie. I loved to watch britians next top model. The clothes . Cat walk an the haircuts . I go so hard my little man straining at the seems to implde. Whats happening here id think to myself. The house of elliot i loved the glam of that time the hair styles bobs an little croppy cuts it just turned me on. I got a pair of my sisters tight jeans an pulled mysef into them . i put her swede ankle boots on the feeling was imence. I thought i was going to cum but i some how held it back i started to gell my hair straight back it was nice but not what i dreamed of i wanted the little bob with bang fringe. Many a day when house was empty id dress with my sister purple lippy on. The rush on seeing my little pout i felt so hot an turned on . I was doing my hair i wet it an comed it down looking at myself it dawned a hi fringe. My mind racing i cant can i people will notice. But my emotions were so hi with the rush of it alk i chopped of about a good half inch fuck the realalisation i had just reveled a biger forhead it looked mad but i was so hot by what id done i lat on the bed an then looking at myself again thinking is this it is this the start of being a little ladyi do hope so. Ever from them few make overs it lit me up inside to now the present day im a good bit wiser but more an more girlie an a damm sight more kinky with a hair fetish. I love skatergirl this is my time to escape the every day turmoil of society requirement. Thanks if you read this. Skater xx