Crossdressing and fantasies

One of the things I've learned in life is that no matter how strange and unusual something appears to be in my life, it is a guarantee that there are many people in the world who have the same thoughts, issues, behaviors, or whatever as me. Surprisingly, it took me many years to realize this. Crossdressing is a perfect example. For years I wondered why I was so desparate to dress when nobody else did. Surprise! It turns out that lots of people crossdress! The same is true of my fantasies and desires. I have loved and admired women in panties and stockings (although pantyhose are my favorite!) and I always fantasized about being a woman and wearing those amazing items. I have also always fantasized about being a women dressed that way and being in bondage and used for sex. Even though I "knew" it was wrong. I find that the more I dress the more submissive I become and the more I fantasize about this. However, now I know that there must be others out there with the same fantasy. Enjoy your fantasy whatever it is. xxx