Even happier

It is not often one thanks something going wrong but I am today.

Have been having problems with my laptop with word, excel etc for a while. Even bought a new program but still wouldn't work. Got fed up so I phoned them and was on the phone for an hour sat indoors while they fixed the problem.

I went out side to sit in the garden with my new swimsuit on but it was too hot so have come back indoor. Going to take the suit off shortly before the family return. A shame but they don't know yet I am Rachel

I would love to know why all my family think Scotland is cold. It's baking. Last time I looked at the thermometer outside it was on 32 Celsius. Too damn hit by far.

Anyway I can now get at the stories I have been writing. Maybe I will put one on the blog for you to read. If you wish.

Well that's me for a while. Been watching the tennis on TV wishing I wasvas slim as the ladies on there but then nothing in life is perfect. Will be watching the football shortly while thinking of all the lovely people I have met here.

Don't get burnt outside.