Why are men so arrogant?

sat here in a serious mood asking myself questions and not getting answers

One keeps coming to mind . Why are men so arrogant or rude.

I mean do you see us girls walking down a street staring at men and making fun of their looks. Do we sit and laugh at what they are wearing. Do we sit and make rude comments about their figures. NO WE DONT. Might get comments of he looks good or handsome or words to that effect but we don't like the look of someone we tend to walk on by or say nothing.

So why do men think they have a God given right to act the way most do. I won't say all because there are some good ones out there but they are the minority.

I would love to know what makes their tiny minds work at times. I have always believed that what makes a person is what is on the inside. The feelings, emotions, care and love/hate make a person. I am not the prettiest girl around by a long way but it doesn't stop me from being who I am just the same as everyone else has that right. It hurts me as a person when I hear people being taunted just for being who they are. So why do men do it. Is it an inbuilt safety device to say they believe they are the best around. Is it a defence mode because they have similar desires deep down but have not got the nerve to do anything. Is it just a tradition built in that men are higher than women and do or say what they like to women. I don't know, I wish I did but I fear that there will be a long time before us girls can go out freely anywhere without getting nasty comments thrown at us.

I will add though things appear to be getting better in places but still a long way to go. SO YOU MEN IF YOU MUST LOOK THEN LOOK. IF YOU HAVE ANYTHING NASTY TO SAY DONT THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK IF ITS POSSIBLE

For the good men out there I am sorry this is not a swipe at you it's the arrogant rude ones it's aimed at and I am afraid they are the majority at the moment. Well up here anyway.