Body Hair

I'm noticing as I look around this site a lot of mentions of body hair, how its desirable to be completely shaven, smooth being a popular euphemism. Ok, I can see the benefits tactily and aesthetically of hairless skin, so far so obvious, but wow what a problem it must be to maintain femtastic "smooth" skin. If there's one thing that would really turn me off its the thing that follows shaving just as night follows day, stubble!

Now facial hair I'm not into at all and people who are particularly hairy, er..bless but no thankxx but a little hairiness I have no problem with. Some CDs want to replicate the female image as closely as possible (that's another thing you hear a lot, that word "convincing") I get that totally, it's fabulous, but I find it kind of intimidating, fun but hard work and leaves me feeling a little inadequate in a similar way to the way I have felt in the presence of asshole alphafuckingmales. In no way am I putting anyone down who does this, it's just that I'm not sure if I find it attractive.

I wonder if I am alone in thinking like this (almost certainly not!) because for me the male body in all its glory coated in a veneer of slinky feminity is what I find really attractive, that contrast between the masculine and the feminine (please form a queue) and a little hair under the stockings is exciting to me.

I have considered and probably would for a special occasion doing a complete shave. I did an experimental area and it felt lovely. But how do you get round those awkward bits, and boy are there some awkward bits! And with older skin (so I'm told) using a razor must be like driving over a rough bit of road, sooner or later you'll hit a big bump and lose control with messy and painful consequences. And how often am I going to do that?