My morning coffee

I woke up in bed in my panties and babydoll as usual. Today was a day off so I lounged in bed for a while thinking over my choices for clothes. Do I want to wear a mini skirt or something more conservative? What heels do I want to wear? My 5 inch red platforms? So many choices. I make up my mind eventually and head to the bathroom to get ready. I start with nice long eyelashes. I love having long fem lashes, but not so long as to look trashy. Once my lashes are done, I put on my eye shadow and head to my lingerie drawer. I had decided today to start with a matching bra and panty set. I always feel so sexy when my bra and panties match. I select a black unlined floral lace bra with matching string bikini panty with a sheer back. I really love this look and imagine how much a partner would enjoy looking at this image. I move to my hosiery drawer and select my favorite sheer to waist pantyhose to wear. I selected pantyhose instead of stockings because I had also selected a tight black mini skirt with a flared hem and, again, didn't want to look too trashy. Besides, I love the feel of the nylon sliding on my thighs as I walk constantly reminding me of my femininity. I slowly slide the pantyhose up my legs loving the soft silky feel as I pull them up. After making sure the pantyhose seams are straight I insert my 44D breast forms and examine my progress in the mirror. I think I have achieved just the right amount of sexiness so I continue to the bathroom to finish my makeup. Face makeup and bright red lipstick completes the look. After putting on my long blonde wig, I move back to the mirror. I have other color wigs but i just seem right as a blonde. I an thrilled by the pretty feminine image looking back at me from the mirror. I look amazing! Satisfied, I pull on my black mini skirt. Short enough to entice and show off my smooth shaved legs but just long enough to retain a small amount of modesty. The flared hem would make any observers hope for an even more revealing angle. I match my skirt with a black and white chevron patterned top with a lace up V down the middle stopping just above my bra. Finally, My 5 inch heel black peep toe pumps and some long gold earrings. I take one last look in the mirror and feel wonderful at the result I have achieved. I add some perfume and head out to get my morning coffee. Focusing on the feeling of the pantyhose, the bra, the heels, making me feel so wonderfully feminine, I drink my coffee and imagine what a lover might think of my look.

Dressing in the morning is so empowering. I love looking and feeling pretty to start my day. Taking the time to fully embrace my fem self to start the day is a priceless joy.