who am i

From growing throu my teens i found myself feeling a bit different in side. I did all the normal stuff football running tennis playing with boy girls etc but felt that i was not quite right in my body. I started to go to disco's etc all be it a shy lad but was drawn to girl with cropped boy cuts an semed to love the clothes there were wearing. I got such a rush on checking them out that i was finding it hard to keep my emotions at bay as if they could mybe tell or think hes weird. But i no that couldnt be. Few years later i was dating a girl were i cut my teeth on the normal kidsing an fooling about. But i wanted more i wanted to be the girl i was kissing . But i new if i aired my veiws it would be the end an mybe she would tell her friends thinking i was a freek. Were dated for about 6 months. But behind my bedroom door i was beginning to change in the sence off wearing my sisters shoes an tights my god i felt like a young girl all giddy . i did this for a few years wearing more an more right to the present day wear now i have such an arrangement of shoes clothes etc an love it. Ive tried a few times to suppress it to see if i could do with out it but alas know its to powerful. I think in my own mind hand on heart im a girl traped an a lesbien girl at that. what feelings its been great on c.c to be able to be me. So i thank all my close friends for your help an support.xxx