Disrespectful or Not

Hello everyone, I have been chatting to a Crossdresser, I won't divulge her identity as requested. This is a very sad situation The dresser in question is not a Member of CCD, but her situation is quite unusual, or is it ...I'll leave you to decide..... The story is that the person, let's call her Jane just to give her a title had been dressing for many Years ..Secretly, His / Her Wife had been ill for a long time spending her last Weeks in Hospital. When Jane got home after the Hospital visits she he would become 'Jane' 100% this brought Jane a lot of comfort, she would dress in her Wife's clothes for the remainder of the day and sometimes until the next Morning until it was time to visit his Wife again. Sadly after a few weeks Jane's Wife died and for a while he mourned her loss, during this time she stopped dressing, too busy to do anything but to put her affairs in order. After a few Weeks her Daughter raised the question of disposing of her Wife's clothing and other items, She then said that she would in time do that......But he couldn't, instead She became Jane more and more often until she couldn't stop, during this time she was in turmoil, was she being disrespectful or did his continuing to dress in her clothes bring therapy or such. It's a very delicate position to be in, I couldn't offer her and advice as I could not even imagine her feelings and her state of mind, all I could do was advise her to seek therapy somewhere. this was 2 Years ago, I never did contact her again, I suppose I'm a bit of a coward, but I just wouldn't have known how to handle the situation......I would welcome as many thoughts that my fem fellow Members would like to comment on this story which is completely true, Thank you for reading this ..XXX Cristina.