rachel is here

for years, more than I like to remember, I have known that I was Rachel not richard. now with time and other things, I know now that the time has come to admit it and let the world know. it is with the greatest thanks to sites like this and friends at home that have really given me the kick in the panties I needed. a few special ladies on here, they now who they are, who have put the biggest kicks in, in the nicest possible way, that really pushed me. then today I see that Britney Spears was at Brighton Pride over the weekend which got me thinking more. I bought a party dress the other day (50's style rocker type thing pretty) that I now think will be hung up more than worn. I think now is the time to get more everyday dresses and skirts to go with the tops I wear everyday at home. some more comfortable shoes to wear with the stockings etc I have.

its time for Rachel to meet the world and the world to meet Rachel.