Well, I am back from my week long cruise and although it was a blast, I wasn't able to dress the entire time! Or shave for that matter! So, this morning, I took a nice long shower and shaved everything twice. So much better now. It had been so long since I dressed that I took my time to make sure that everything was just perfect. Matching 44D black bra and panties, my favorite pantyhose, long blonde wig, and made sure that all my makeup was perfect. Long lashes, red lipstick, and a nice floral perfume. It feels wonderful to feel pretty again. I feel like every mans eyes would be on me if I was in a social setting. 5 inch black patent pump heels, black back zip up short skirt, and red, green and black floral top. Long gold earrings with a red stone at the top. I feel wonderful again. I hope you all have a wonderful day. xxx