my happy days

a while has passed since I told the wife about Rachel. it wasn't easy but I have never been so happy with the effort and results,

I am now dressed 24/7 at home with no more waiting for times with no family about. I go to the shops and appointments as Rachel. most of my male clothes have been recycled or thrown away. I am getting more clothes slowly but surely with the wife's approval. actually got praise from her today for what I had on. white trousers and a white I love Manchester top on. things are looking up.

I have started to get my hair style put in. that was a shock to the system. normally spent £13 for a hair cut. the last one was £30. been advised to get it done every eight weeks so no doubt will get used to a particular hairdresser in the future.

getting into the habit of putting a little make up on every day with lipstick and nail varnish. Richard has gone now. Rachel is here. one happy little old girl. not sure if it is natural but have started dreaming of lesbian play, I do class myself as lesbian though dare say that may fluctuate in the future but cant see it. I do not really like the male body or what males do when it comes to sex. much prefer the tender feminine side of things.

all I need now is the final op and bingo.