In this peaceful sanctuary I call home, I look in the mirror and wonder what I am, a man of many parts, the sparks fly who am I, healer, medium, poet, writer, life coach, security officer, transvestite who am I, observer of the human experience the supernova is exploding, becoming what I do not know, but all evolves until it becomes, then I will accept I will be what I will be in this human body, the struggle within will be no more, the acceptance of others will be the trial I am yet to stand, should I fear the judge and jury or just become, only those with open heart will open their understanding eyes, and let me be but one day I must face the trial, the jury do not understand the evolution of the being, they are programmed to biological order, all will be the judge in judgemental confusion, anger, hypocrisy, sarcasm, it is a judgement like many have been sentenced, one day I will stand in court and plead guilty, for evolving into what I am, beyond fear there must be the love and friendship of the open heart.

Sophie xxx